Matanza / slaughter

For about four years of my adolescence, I gave up eating red meat (i.e. mammals). I ate fish and poultry for my health, but I was a whole-hearted hippie and hated the idea of eating a poor, innocent animal. I strongly disliked (and still do) our reliance on factory farming, artificial insemination and mass-slaughter. Morrissey’s … More Matanza / slaughter

Granada, old/new

Granada, Andalucia, southern Spain.Hola. 4.20am coach to Gatwick; 12.45pm arrival at Malaga airport; 6pm and four buses later I put my bags down on my hostel bottom-bunk bed in the city of Granada. My first day as a “traveler” went shockingly smoothly. Free tapas, wine cheaper than water, rich Moorish history and those views of the … More Granada, old/new